Nexteq accelGRx Brochure


What is accelGRx?

Nexteq’s accelGRx™ is a unique GNSS receiver development platform targeting two problems in GNSS receiver development:

accelGRx offers a rapid and straightforward path towards solving these problems with:

Commercial quality platform uniquely open for third-party R&D

accelGRx is an open platform that gives unprecedented access inside the receiver. This allows researchers to investigate advanced GNSS topics and create innovative new GNSS techniques and algorithms, including tightly and deeply coupled multi-sensor integration, new signal processing techniques benefiting from PVT solution feedback and new PVT algorithms benefiting from low-level signal information.

Professional grade hardware and software ready for production

When development has been completed, it can be rapidly commercialized because of accelGRx’s production-ready hardware and software. By providing the building blocks of a high precision GNSS receiver, accelGRx can save millions of dollars and tens of thousands of man-hours in development costs.


What does accelGRx provide?

For research and development, accelGRx offers:

In addition, commercial quality accelGRx GNSS receiver boards are included so that new innovations can be confirmed in real-world environments. accelGRx boards have the following features

With a manufacturing license, licensees will also have:

accelGRx stands apart from traditional receiver development kits by its open, fully accessible platform and its production-ready status. Nexteq is committed to helping third parties research, develop, test and commercialize innovative new GNSS techniques and algorithms on the production-ready, uniquely open accelGRx platform. Nexteq will also continue to support accelGRx, ensuring that it remains up-to-date with the latest GNSS advances.

For performance reports and details, contact Sales at:

Measurement Precision (RMS) Receiver Specifications

• GPS L1 C/A code: 4 cm

• GPS L1 carrier phase: 0.4 mm
• Beidou B1 code: 4 cm
• Beidou B1 carrier phase: 0.4 mm
• Positioning accuracy: 1.5 m

• 20 MHz Bandwidth for each GNSS signal
• ADC Sampling rate 80 MHz
• 64 channels
• Dual-core ARM Cortex A9 processor
• 128 MB RAM and 256 MB Flash
• 20/40 pin connector
• 72.0 mm x 40.5 mm
• Cold start Time to First Fix (TTFF): <50 s