The second version of the NexGeo software suite is now available for download! Unlike our regular patches, this new version contains large improvements in all areas: performance, user interface and aesthetic. Experienced users will find themselves at home with the new versions as the backbone of both NexGeo Mobile and Office has remained largely the same, but we have overhauled the interface to streamline the working process with new shortcuts and intuitive collection techniques. NexGeo has also received performance and loading time improvements, making it more enjoyable to use in the field and office than ever before.

All projects from our previous versions of the software suite are compatible with the new version, and there is no change to authorization. We strongly recommend updating to the latest version to benefit from an improved and refined work experience.

Name Manual Download Release Date Patch Notes
NexGeo Office 2.3 March 17, 2014  
NexGeo Mobile 2.3 For T5A
For T6
For T8
March 17, 2014  
NexGeo Office 2.0 Sept. 19, 2013
NexGeo Mobile 2.0 For T5A
For T6
For T8
Sept. 19, 2013  
NexPos 1.2.3 For T5A
For T6
For T8
July 24, 2013  
NexPos Quick Start Guide March 8, 2013
NexGeo Mobile Quick Start Guide   March 8, 2013  
T5A Quick Start Guide   May 14, 2012  
T6 Quick Start Guide   May 14, 2012  
T8 Quick Start Guide   March 10, 2011